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7 Years on, Young Latika from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Has Grown up to Be Total Stunner. Check out Her Pics


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Danny Boyle’sSlumdog Millionairewas the record-breaking outing of 2009. The movie that opened to rave reviews swept off all major awards, including the Oscars, for the year. No wonder, the movie proved to be a turning point in the careers of all it’s leading stars.

While the lead actors Freida Pinto and Dev Patel achieved international acclaim, with the film, it’s supporting star cast too earned praises. One of them was Tanvi Lonkar, who played the young Latika aka Freida pinto in the film.

Tanvi, who was 14 when she did Slumdog, is all grown up now and has turned into a stunner. Taking a break from acting, Tanvi has made a career in fashion designing, and has grown up to be a hottie. Her scorching Instagram uploads see her flaunting her toned body, that remind us of none other than the Kardashians.

Well, now do we have to make any more explanations about Tanvi’s hotness quotient?!
Tanvi is currently residing in the US and is raising temperatures with her superhot pictures on social media. We wonder if the hottie is gearing up for her another movie? Well, if not, we say, she definitely should!