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5 reasons why Akshay Kumar’s presence in the first poster of Rajinikanth’s 2.0


Here’s why we think that Akshay Kumar featuring in 2.0’s first poster is a big deal!


Rajinikanth’s 2.0 has not only been on the anticipated movies card of South audience but also of Bollywood! Why wouldn’t it be? It has our very own Khiladi, Akshay Kumar! The first poster of the film released sometime ago and to everyone’s shock, it didn’t have Rajinikanth but antagonist Akshay Kumar. Isn’t that a tad bit surprising? Our very own Khiladi Kumar is making his debut in the Tamil industry and that too as an antagonist to none other than the Thalaivar of Kollywood, without a doubt it’s gonna be bigger than expected. Now if you notice something, it is quite surprising how instead of having Rajinikanth on the first poster, more weightage is given to Kumar. It is quite a big deal considering it’s Akshay’s debut in the South industry. Here’s why we think his presence in the poster is a BIG DEAL.

Akshay’s smashing South debut begins!
Could they have planned a better debut for the actor? Already when his look as the evil professor went viral, we couldn’t help but dance in excitement. Imagine how awesome it is to feature in the first poster itself! The film is supposed to release next year but this is a really kickass start to his South career. Not only would people spot his character in the poster but curiosity about the actor would start as everyone would wonder what Shankar, Rajini and Akshay have in store for them. Akshay’s debut on the poster of 2.0 is the best kind of exposure to be received, right?

Not the hero but villain’s look revealed!
Despite being the antagonist in the film, Kumar’s character is gaining more momentum thanks to his pose as he basks in the dark glory. You wouldn’t instantly realise that it’s Rajini’s Chitti character as 2.0 but Akshay’s villain character standing underneath as he looks up with his hands spread. While we’re very well versed with what Chitti’s look is thanks to Enthiran, the makers decided to give the villain just as much leverage as the protagonist himself in the film. That again, is a plus point for the Bollywood star!

Positive start to promotions!
Of course, not many might know Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood superstar in South, right? But with this poster, curiosity around his character and just the fact that his dark side is envisioned and portrayed in the first poster itself would mean a lot of positive promotions. There’s a novelty in his look that despite having slightly revealed in the poster, they have hidden it as well. You can’t completely see his look but you can easily tell it’s the antagonist. Again, it would help tremendously with the promotions of the film. Also, Akshay Kumar is a big name in Bollywood. He has given back to back hits this year. This poster will only help the film create the right buzz here too.

Just like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, even the second part of Enthiran showcases the darker side of the film. If you noticed Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, you’ll see a pattern of bringing out the villainous segment of the film to light rather than keeping it hero-centric. Here again, you see the same. While Nolan’s Batman movies created some of the most memorable villains with Joker being the famous one, here again Akshay’s evil professor actor is gaining more visibility. Being an out and out Rajini film, we can safely say that our Bollywood hunk will have a very important role and will share a very good amount of screen space with the