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2.0 This thrilling face off between Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth is making us excited for 2017


2.0’S first look poster starring Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth is out.

first-look-posterThis launch is turning out to be awesome! Everyone form the cast and crew are making their starry appearance. it’s never been such a grand event for a first look before. Also. This is the first a first look is being live streamed. Yes you can catch the entire event on Lyca YouTube channel. 17,000 people are already on the channel. Just a few minutes Akshay Kumar released his terrifying look from 2.0 and we were horrified. Because it’s too good! The effects, graphics, colour is simply high class. and now we can’t wait for the first look now! Or Have seen it already because an hour ago, a first look of Rajinikanth aka chitti vs Akshay Kumar aka Dr Richards from 2.0 had been leaked on social media. We are yet to make sure if that is the first look itself.rajiniaknth-and-akshay-kumar-1

And it turns out it is the first look we shared with you a few hours. it’s brilliant. Get ready for the ultimate face off between Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar! We can’t wait for 2017 now! This is way beyond what we expected! The 2.0 team has totally lived up to its promise. this movie is looking bigger than even Baahubali! as
Akshay Kumar rightly mentioned, the movie is all set to make history!