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11 lesser known facts about comedy king Kapil Sharma that will leave you AMUSED!


We bet you didn’t know all this about your favourite comedian, Kapil Sharma


From working at a PCO in Amritsar to getting ranked at no. 3 in the Most Admired Indian Personality List (by The Economic Times in 2015), Kapil Sharma has indeed come a long way. His story is a perfect example of a small-town guy making it big in the city of dreams. He climbed the ladder of success by making people laugh! He skyrocketed to fame with his popular show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil.’ He started his career in the comedy business after winning the third season of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’. The actor was also listed among top 100 Indian celebrities in Forbes in 2013. He is currently endearing the audience with his very own ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.’

Here are few lesser known facts about the comedy king –

#Kapil has worked in a PCO, a cloth mill and even picked crates of soft-drinks to earn money

He had started working in a PCO right from when he was in class tenth to earn his pocket money. He had said in an interview earlier that his journey wasn’t a cake walk, he struggled relentlessly for 15 years to get the life he is leading now. He did small private shows and theatre. Sometimes he didn’t even get paid for his work but he continued working hard as he loves acting. He owns three-four flats and an office in Mumbai now and he credits it to his mother’s love and god’s blessings.

#Kapil is a self made man who made it big in the industry without any godfather

Kapil comes from a family of people who have worked in the police force. His father was the head constable in Punjab Police, whereas his elder brother is also in the force. His mother is a house maker.

#He wanted to become an actor and didn’t know anything about comedy

He started his career with serious theatre and he didn’t know anything about comedy. He used to teach theatre to children. But he was always the funny one in his group. People around him always said that he has an innate quality of making people laugh. When theatre didn’t fetch him enough money, he decided to make a career in comedy.

#He has a diploma in Computer Science and has studied Commercial Arts

This is what he said in an interview, “I started doing theatre in college, but did not have money to give the fees. But since I was good in theatre, various colleges sponsored my education, so that I could represent them in the youth festivals. They would ask me which course I would like to join. And I would ask, ‘Which is the most expensive course?’ They said Commercial Art and I took that up. I didn’t even know what it was. Though I did not attend much class, I also post that, did a diploma in Computer Science and used to love the computer classes as that was the only room with an AC. In reality, I learnt nothing about either Commercial Arts or Computer Science.”

#He has won 9 reality shows!

He worked on a comedy show Hasde Hasande Raho on MH One, until he got his first break in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, one of the 9 reality television shows he has won. He became the winner of the show in 2007.

#He was rejected in the audition round of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’

Kapil was initially rejected in the audition round of ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, but received a call to return, and then ended up winning the show. This is what he had to say about it, “. I used to do histrionics and everyone would love it, so I somehow wanted to just get into Laughter Challenge. They auditioned in Amritsar for Season 3, but I was rejected. My friend from school, Raju, who plays the servant in Comedy Nights With Kapil, was selected. I was determined and again went to Delhi for audition and this time, got selected and finally became the winner in 2007. After that, I did a few small shows before doing Comedy Circus and then past one year started my own show.”

#Kapil is one of the few celebrities to have his name in the title of a show

He once said in an interview “It feels great to have a show with your name (in the title); it rarely happens in India. We are doing well and are getting the highest TRPs among non-fiction shows.”

#Kapil wants to venture out in films and live his childhood dream of becoming an actor

He believes shows come and go but films stay in people’s hearts till eternity. He has been getting many films’ offers after his film ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karun’ but he feels he hasn’t found the right script yet. He has bought the rights of the famous Marathi film Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho, which he is keen to remake in Punjabi. He is doing another film which will probably be announced in September this year.

#He wants to make a career in music which is the first love of his life

He said in an earlier interview, “I have an offer from a big music company for an album, but I am focusing on my show right now. Next year, I hope to come out with my own album which will have Sufi music with a Punjabi flavour.”

#He doesn’t want to settle anytime soon but yes he did have a girlfriend

He revealed in an interview, “We used to do theatre in college together. Then one day, she, along with seven other girls, was invited under a cultural exchange programme to do the gidda by Prince Charles in London. She didn’t come back only and married a Gujarati store owner there for whom she was working. Coincidentally, I recently met her in London.”

#It’s his dream to build an old age home

He expressed in an interview, “…my idea is that I want to keep 60 old people and 60 dogs together. The old people can look after the dogs and the dogs can look after the old people.” In July 2014, Sharma adopted a homeless dog and named him ‘Zanjeer’. Zanjeer, a retired police dog from Mumbai, is a Labrador who has made appearances on CNWK and social media quite often. Sharma is also campaigning to save tortured elephants across the country.

Article Credit:Bollywoodlife.com