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Why Akshay Kumar is a better choice than Arnold for Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0 – Sequel of Robot’


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The speculations can finally come to an end as Akshay Kumar is all geared up to lay one of the biggest roles o his career. In Shankar’s 2.0-Sequel to Robot, starring Rajinikanth. After Arnold Schwarzenegger copped out of the film, following unavoidable reasons, rumours were rife that either Hrithik Roshan or Neil Nitin Mukesh will step into his role.

Akshay put all such rumours to rest as he finally revealed that he’s been signed on for the sci-fi flick. The film will also have his Singh is Bliing co-star Amy Jackson essaying the role of the leading lady. Akshay plays Rajini’s arch nemesis in the film and while his inclusion has surprised all, we feel he’s the best possible choice for the role. Here’s why!

Khiladi Kumar’s got the action moves!
Knowing that Transformers fame action director Kenny Bates will be supervising the stunts, Robot 2 aka 2.0-Sequel of Robot will be high on adrenaline pumping action scenes and high octane stunt sequences. And nobody in the industry performs stunts better than Akshay Kumar. Over the last two decades, Akshay has proved his mettle as an action hero, thereby earning the Khiladi tag. Being trained in martial arts, Akshay’s action stances and moves are ones to die for. So when you talk about a great action hero to play villain in an otherwise action-oriented sci-fi flick, the first name that strikes the mind is definitely Akki’s!

Better audience reach!
For any South Indian film to be dubbed in Hindi and released worldwide all over, despite Rajinikanth’s towering screen presence, the addition of a Bollywood A-lister can only help it to reach out to more people all over the globe. Why? Usually, South Indian films have very little reach especially in the North Indian markets. While the dubbed versions still manage to do great business in key areas like Mumbai, it doesn’t perform up to the mark in areas like Punjab, Haryana and others. With Akshay on board, that problem stands solved as his audience reach in those areas is tremendous. Plus, he’s one of the industry A-listers who has a huge connect with the masses. Hence, Rajni fans will definitely flock to the theatres to watch him but adding on to the crowd will be our Akshay fans who will do anything to watch the film first day first show. So technically, having Akshay in the film is also a perfect marketing move.