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‘We are always there for each other’: Shah Rukh Khan on Ajay Devgn


'We are always there for each other' After Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan opens up on his friendship with Ajay Devgn

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Shah Rukh said despite what people perceive about him and Ajay, the two actors are always there for each other in the time of crisis.

“When Kajol lost her dad, I was driving down to airport and Ajay called me and said ‘Listen, you are the first guy I am calling because you are a friend. Come here and be with Kajol. Bring Karan (Johar) along’. It was not because we were the only ones he could take support from… It is because we all are friends. We are very different people.” Shah Rukh feels he and Kajol, who have been friends for the longest time and are counted among the most successful onscreen pairs in Bollywood, click together because they have immense respect for each other’s work.

The first bond which gets created when you start working with co-stars is through respect. The second part is dignity for each other’s work and lifestyle. And third part is not being nosy. You have to give space and it is most important,” he said.

Dilwale, directed by Rohit Shetty, also stars Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Johnny Lever among others in prominent roles. The film releases on Friday, December 18. Shah Rukh was offered the film when he was shooting for a Yash Raj project and was bowled over by the film’s title.

“The film’s title was Rohit’s idea. It was always planned to be that because the whole film is about how you have to have a larger heart to forgive and move on in life. It comes very subtly and it’s a commercial film. He had Dilwale title always in the mind.