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Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: You Won’t Believe How Murderer Gets Caught


As we all know Bigg Boss introduced ‘Murder Mystery’ task for Bigg Boss 9 contestants. In this task, while two contestants Rishabh and Priya were appointed detectives, one housemate Prince Narula was appointed the killer and the others were the normal subjects of the task.

Now we exclusively reveal the final results of this task. Prince who was the killer of the task was supposed to kill 5 people in order to win the task with special powers. Prince was successful in doing four murders. Later, Bigg Boss introduced judgement day where a court and witness boxes were set up in the garden area. Also, a popular TV reporter was called in the house to solve the murder mystery.

Detectives Priya and Rishabh were asked who they doubt is a murderer. Priya took Rochelle‘s name while Rishabh took Prince name. As Rishabh‘s doubt proved to be true by the reporter, Rishabh got nominated for the next captaincy task.

But Prince couldn’t complete the task to kill 5 people and also he gets no power to nominate anyone now. But as he has killed 4 people, he gets nominated for the

captaincy task against Rishabh Sinha.

Well, now that the murder mystery has come to end, the game begins now.