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Dilwale Sneak Preview: Everything You Need To Know About The Shah Rukh Khan Film


SRK and Kajol still in Dilwale

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Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Dilwale’ has been released, and it will reveal everything you need to know about the film. Raising the anticipation just one week before the film’s release, the new preview is actually much better than the official trailer of the film. By now we have got a really detailed gist of what the film will offer the audience – romance, drama, action and just lots and lots of beautiful scenic locations. ‘Dilwale’ is officially a beautiful blend of all these things coupled with its amazing star cast!

From the preview what we understand is SRK and Kajol’s love story goes way back as said earlier, 15 years four months and 10 days. And it seems the story involves reincarnation much like many of SRK’s previous films. What we are not sure about is who shot SRK and how is Kajol involved in all of that? Naturally SRK’s reincarnation look is much better than his look in the first half of the film. Tunes of the track Alvida has once again managed to build the hype up till the end of the preview.

The role of Varun Dhawan is pretty clear in ‘Dilwale’, he is a young enthusiastic brother who falls in love with a beautiful young woman. But when the time comes, he chooses family over love and this leaves Kriti Sanon heartbroken. But we’re sure in the end these two lovebirds might also reunite. Instead of getting overshadowed by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s iconic pairing, Varun and Kriti have managed to bring chemistry of their own making the film all the more romantic.

All in all ‘Dilwale’ preview has made one thing clear, despite all the sneak peek, the film has much more in store for the audiences. We can expect any kind of twist and turn in plot from the film as that is something Rohit Shetty is a master at. Releasing on December 18, 2015, ‘Dilwale’ will end the year with a bang! Watch the

preview here and keep your fingers crossed for one more week!

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