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Box Office Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani: Ranveer Singh Remains Undefeated By Shah Rukh Khan


First weekend collection: SRK's 'Dilwale' rules box office, Ranveer's 'Bajirao Mastani' wins hearts
Bollywood films Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani are going neck-to-neck in their first weekday run and the results are quite amazing. After having such a splendid run over the first weekend, it seems like Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dilwale’ is getting defeated day after day by Ranveer Singh’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’. Although the margin is very less, the tables have surely turned with ‘Bajirao Mastani’ leading in collections for the third consecutive day. The Wednesday collections of both the films have also shown the same where ‘Dilwale’ collected a little less than ‘Bajirao Mastani’, but still leads total wise.

The Wednesday collections of ‘Dilwale’ is Rs. 8.25 crores net approx (Rs. 82.5 million) which is same as the Tuesday collection making the current total to Rs. 90 crores net approx (Rs. 900 million). ‘Dilwale’ is doing best in East India and West Bengal regions where Shah Rukh Khan followers are rushing to the theaters boosting the film’s growth. The clash with ‘Bajirao Mastani’ has affected the film a lot in its first weekday run as in all the three days the competition has scored better than ‘Dilwale’.

‘Bajirao Mastani’ collected Rs. 9.25 crores (Rs. 92.5 million) on its sixth day that is Wednesday which is as less as 2% lower than its Tuesday collection. ). The film collected Rs. 9.5 crores net approx (Rs. 95 million) on Tuesday and with Wednesday the total comes to Rs. 74 crores net approx. The best performance for ‘Bajirao Mastani’ has been mainly from Mumbai circuit which has changed the phase of the whole race between Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani.